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Our Background


The specialist at Exotic Nomadic Travel LLC are folks who enjoy the challenge and the excitement of traveling. Our travel agency came together to help other people plan and book their dream vacations.  Morocco is our passion and it gives us great  pleasure to guide you through this exotic land.

Who Is Exotic Nomadic Travel LLC


Exotic Nomadic Travel (E.N.T) is a company that enables you to see and live the Nomadic culture, by guiding you through Morocco where the nomadic people still live a very nomadic life. The nomadic people still live in tents which are made from camel wool. Exotic Nomadic Travel was established to guide you through the big country of Morocco and to meet your vacation needs.  Whether you're looking for plane tickets, accommodations, or the whole package, we have you covered! Contact one of our  specialists, find the perfect tour for you or your group and we will together help you put together the appropriate itinerary. We work directly with other companies to get the best deals. morocco travel tours

Our Mission


 It's our mission to make sure we create lifelong memories and friendships. If you are a first-time adventure seeker or a seasoned independent traveler, we will help you to discover Morocco's most amazing people and places, cultures and landscapes. With us you will always experience Morocco in an authentic and exciting way. Our expert guides and drivers will guide you through the exotic Moroccan land and help you decide on the best options for your needs. Exotic Nomadic Travel experts are here to assist you in planning your vacation or business trip to Morocco, and to bring your dreams to life. Mountains, Beaches, Valleys, Imperial Cities, Berber Villages, and the Desert, are exciting options for all of our travelers. Let us help you make this a memory to last a lifetime. Morocco travel is chock full of adventure and education.

Meet the Team




Meet Imad. As the owner of Exotic Nomadic Travel LLC, I feel extremely fortunate to have Imad as second in command. Imad was born in the Sahara Desert and is a true Berber with great pride in his culture and country. Imad has a strong background in hotel management, speaks multiple languages and is an excellent tour guide. Imad has a devotion to excellence in every facet of the business. Imad and driver. takes each client and each tour very personally, no one understands what it means to create lifelong memories and friendships as Imad does. He  enjoys learning and listening to the clients as they journey together through this beautiful land. He enjoys people, family, animals, motor sports, home repair and music, go ahead get a beat going, Imad is sure to start dancing. He is a fun and happy guy insuring a stress free time spent together.  Imad takes great pride in Exotic Nomadic Travel LLC and it's clients.  

Founder and CEO


  My name is Marlene, born and raised in Philadelphia Pa. I am the owner of Exotic Nomadic Travel LLC. I would like to introduce myself and give you a short bio of how this company began.

Being a cancer survivor and spending my life in the workforce, working 9 to 5 (sounds like a song), I realized I needed more. Something was missing. I had always had an ardent desire to visit Morocco but as life goes, I never took the time.  Finally, booking the first of many flights, to Morocco. It was the best decision of my life. I found an instant connection with the country and started laying down roots.

Touring all of Morocco many times, it almost became home to me. The people, food, weather, and landscape were magnificent. Each city, town, and village, offered a new experience. The traditional clothes, landscape and culture changed with each new destination 

What finally convinced me to open my travel business was the Sahara Desert. The vast desert was the most peaceful, dramatically beautiful experience of my life. As the camel carried me on my journey through the sands of the Sahara, I felt a rush of emotion, only to be understood by those who have traveled the dunes before me. The dunes are simply breathtaking as they changed colors with the setting sun and the evening sky dances with millions, of what looked like diamonds in the sky. It was clear that I could never leave this country behind. I have a true love for Morocco and want to share it with as many people as I can. It is a pleasure and my passion to share such an amazing journey. Contact my travel agency and lets get you signed up for one of our many morocco tours, and let the fun begin

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